Conference Guests

Jordi Cadena film director, scriptwriter and producer

Ester Xargay poet and video-artist

Carles Hac Mor writer and poet

Biographical notes:


Jordi Cadena is one of the most influential film directors in contemporary Catalan and Spanish cinema and one of the founder members of the Academy of Film Directors of Catalonia. He began working as a director, scriptwriter and producer in the mid-1960s and he has received a significant number of awards, including the National Award for Culture (2010). While his most popular films have found inspiration in literature, Cadena has advocated an innovative and experimental cinema, exploring the boundaries between art, poetry and image. His portraits of key artists like Guinovart, Tharrats and Vilacasas are illustrative of this. He has also experimented hybrid cinematic genres, És quan dormo que hi vegi clar (1988) is an essay film that analyses the poetry of J.V. Foix, and Passos Perduts, makes use of documentary techniques. His latest films Elisa K (2010), co-directed with Judith Colell and La por (2013) have won several awards and have been praised by critics and audiences and have been showcased at national and international film Festivals.

Ester Xargay EsterXrgayCarlesHacMoris a poet, videoartist and cultural activist. She has co-authored with Carles  Hac Mor the novel Carbassa a tot drap, o Amor lliure, ús i abús (2001) and the play Tirant lo Blanc la, o La perfecció és feixista, o La construcció del socialisme (2000). Xargay has also worked as a scriptwriter for BTV/Barcelona Televisió and  translated philosophy and poetry from French into Catalan.  She is the author of a wide range of video poems, including Licantropia (2008), Carrer d’Aribau/Carrer del Fartet (2007) and El comtat de l’altre món (2006). Her video, Paraparèmies, desplaçaments, cosificacions with Adolf Alcañiz, Barbara Held and Carles Hac Mor was awarded the Premi de creció audiovisual de Navarra in 1999.

Carles Hac Mor is a writer, poet and performer. In the early 1970s he became a member of the Grup de Treball and practiced conceptual art. During this decade Hac Mor co-founded the art magazines Tecstual, Ampit and L’avioneta among others. In the course of his career, he has collaborated with several film productions, and contributed to specialist magazines, newspapers such as El País and Diari de Barcelona, and art exhibition catalogues.  In 1988 Hac Mor was awarded the Premi Espai a la Crítica d’Art, and in 1998 the Premi Joan Fuster d’assaig. Recent publications about Hac Mor’s literary career include, Jordi Marrugat’s La revolució con a origin de l’escriptura de Carles Hac Mor i l’escriptura com a origen de la revolució (Arola, 2009).